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Need Help selling This Units.

Discussion in 'Dropshipping & Wholesale Hookups' started by Koqui, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Koqui

    Koqui Registered Member


    Its been a while since I dont come to this hot spot. Since filling my eyes with information, I decided to make the leap and started making money. I have been on ebay for a little bit now selling Pads, and I would like the Community to help me get rid of some old stock I have in my hands.


    I currently have 150 units, and I am selling them at $80.00 a piece. I sell this on the local Flea market for $150.00 each. I have now a better unit for 50$ more in my storage unit; but before I get this out, I would love to rid my self of these. I ship from US to US. And yes its out there for cheaper. I am just trying to get them out of my storage. IF you are interested PM me with your Skype name. Mods' if this is the wrong place for this let me know. Thank you.
  2. getfunjobcom

    getfunjobcom Registered Member

    Jul 11, 2010
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    getfunjob at gmail
    can u be more specific what u are selling ?