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    Guys... I need a little help

    I'm running some Wordpress sites which are converting for $1-3 a day.
    (except one, that is getting me $5/day)

    I had selected a too small niche I guess ....

    With all my category keywords + inner page keywords (posts) I see let's say a 3-6 time bigger search volume all together compared to just my main keyword which I was targeting alone.

    The problem is all the keywords are medium/hard competitive (giants are at the first 3 spots) and I would have to spend a fortune on promotion to get even in the top 5 spot to get a noticeable percentage of the monthly search! this percentage won't be regarding because exacts searches are only 3500-5000/month... imagine this with spending a lot of money on promotion

    The other thing is I don't quite know how to build links to categories and posts...
    Can you tell me how you build backlinks to your categories and posts and and how to to the main url to not get Google ban/notice you?

    How much exacts search volume should I look for next time what other factors yet to be considered when choosing?

    I know these are big questions :confused:

    Update: I see a lot of good webstructure service here but I'm concerned about the article quality more just like spin it with TBS ... shouldn't I?
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