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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by PriyaPandian, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I am new to affiliate programs . I started promoting clickbank products using my blogs.
    I am getting traffic of 200 views per day to the blog.

    I gone through BHW posts and start referring my blog in forums and writing Articles. I am currently working in a company and to promote my blog manually through forum, article base is very time consuming.

    I need some methods, softwares or email marketing to increase traffic for my blog so that i can convert
    it. I am ready to spend 30 to 40 $ for this initial promotion to avoid my manual effort.

    Expecting solution

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    If you are getting 200 views per day to the blog and no conversions, might I suggest that getting more traffic is not the solution. If your website is not getting conversions you need to start tweaking your squeeze page. Are you tracking where that traffic goes on your site? How long do they stay, where do they come from, what are they looking for?

    If your conversion rate was only 1% you would be getting two conversions a day.

    Think about how much more traffic you can afford if you increase the average amount of money spent by each visitor to your page.

    If 100 people visit your site, you make 1 sale and you profit $20 your value per page view is $0.20

    That means you are averaging $0.20 per visitor to your site, if you can increase that by 1% you double your money
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    Use an article spinner, use article marketing robot, use scrapebox, use bookmark daemon etc..

    There are hundreds of tools and services out there that will cater for your every need, though $30 to $40 for initial investment is rather low.

    Try a few fiverr services!

    Promoting and converting Clickbank products as an affiliate is getting harder by the minute, simply because you do not have control over the sales copy on the sales page.

    When making reviews or promoting particular Clickbank products, it is best to fill in the gaps that the sales page is missing, such as key benefits, value for money, and your indepth and honest opinion on the product.

    Also building a list and marketing through emails is another great way to get conversions for Clickbank products, try offering a free course or free gift to capture emails. Then start promoting relevant products to this list.
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    Great advice captain Jack, this is the first time I've ever heard of "filling in the gaps".