Need help promoting a banking offer


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Feb 18, 2009

this is my first big project and I look forward to earning a few hundred bucks.

I signed up for an affiliate program for a bank in my home country that will get me 60? per succesful account opening and 11? per succesful account request. I will go for the 60? ones.

The bank account is COMPLETY FREE and the main advantage is that the card that comes with it allows you to get your cash for free at ALL cash machines. That really is a rare thing here and normally the 3rd party banks charge a whole lot of money. So I trying to promote this fact.

I already registered www.*cashforfree*.tld (in my native language and in my native tld), put the banner of the bank, the three main features of the account, some awards and of course a SIGN UP button on it.

I will be promoting the program mainly by flyers (A6 = 4x6 in.) in cities with a young community.

Now the main question - how would you design the flyer? I have no idea. Would you rather be minimalistic, rather put all details on it that you have, rather one side or both sides... any suggestions appreciated!

Best regards
I would personally try to put the whole pitch on 1 page and the "details" of the deal on the other. In my experience, simplicity works best, be direct with your pitch, try to grab their attention on an emotional level.. and do it quickly. Today, the average attention span of the average person is that of a goldfish, as in "what was I doing again?".... to sum up, keep it simple, be direct, grab attention quickly, close.

Question, where and how did you find this offer? I wouldn't mind promoting something like this... I know you're not in the us but I have never run across a program like this. Cheers bud!
Hi there,

found it on Zanox. There are tons of offers of that kind... Things go up to 150? per lead for a 1?/month banking account. Banks are desperate for customers in modern times.
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