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Need help on lead magnet and EPC

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by newbietofx, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. newbietofx

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    Mar 12, 2014
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    I'm following Andre Chaperon Lucrative List Bootcamp and doing the first assignment.

    I'm in the Forex niche. I'm still learning and showing sign of positive dollar signs into my trading capital.

    I need advise.

    What type of lead magnet should I create that won't falsify my authority? I'm making 10% per year trading forex. But no where near the $50 to $100 per day mark. So I can't create report that tells people to opt into my list and I'll show you how.

    Does a report still attracts cold traffic? Will it convert? Because he said it doesn't anymore because of instant gratification...
    themcmethod / ebooks-suck

    10% a year is not very attractive. So if you have a trading capital of $1000. You only earn $10. Better than the banks and your insurance. I got 0.1% for my savings and 3% for my insurance.

    My competition Bill Paulos - Doing a PLF style. But I think his message is how to make more by risking less - optionsincomeengine
    4 part video It talks to an advance audience who got money and knows about stock trading

    This is done by a local co. - wealthmastery
    Giving away a getting started book on trading forex. It talks to a new audience beginner and introduce forex as a money making machine.

    Another Jared F. Martinez - markettraders
    Also an ebook. It talks about a mature audience that knows but fail at forex trading.

    This is from a facebook ads. Currently keeps turning up at my feeds.

    Which path should I take? Is ebook still worth reading anymore? If it is a report. What should the report be? I'm not very good with video and scripts.

    This is my squeeze page - forexpriceactiontradinghack / forex-trading-system
    Second - forexpriceactiontradinghack / best-forex-trader
    Third - forexpriceactiontradinghack / forex-investment
    Fourth - forexpriceactiontradinghack / forex-trading-course

    NONE. Zip no one opt in.
    I got traffic from revisitors

    I paid for 10k and my CTR was 90% but my EPC is zero. I'm not sure what is wrong.

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated.