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    Hello BlackHatWorld. So I'm a noob when it comes to PHP. I'm actually going to take computer science next semester in Janruary. But right now I know very little about coding.

    I'm attempting to null a wordpress plugin I would love some help.

    From what I understand the plugin calls to another server to make sure it was purchased legitimately.

    Basically I have two main files connect.php and create_tag_fun.php

    Here's connect.php:

    Here's create_tag_fun.php

    My guess is I need to be looking at create_tag_fun.php I saw some code in there that looks like it called to an activation.

    function save_ken_transformer_importer_pro_connect() {
    check_ajax_referer( "ken_transformer_ajax" );
    $html = fetchUrl(''.$user.'&product='.$product_code.'&site='.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'&query='.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
    $xml=simplexml_load_string($html) or die("Error: Cannot get info");
    echo "<div id=\"message\" class=\"updated fade\" style='color:blue;'><p>".$wp_notice."</p></div>\n";
    update_option('ken_transformer_license_key', esc_attr($xml->email));
    update_option('kenplayer_transformer_connect_status', base64_encode($html));
    } else {
    echo "<div id=\"message\" class=\"update-nag fade\" style='color:red;'>Activation Failed! ".$wp_notice."</div>\n";
    That's the main code I was looking at I'm not sure what to do with any of this.

    I would some help on this.