Need Help Managing 50 Web Propeties Part 2

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    Please read my thread from the other day, and this one should make sense. If it doesn't make sense that's probably a red flag considering good reading comp. is a plus. You should definitely read throughout that first page. My game plan is explained on the second to last post on the following (before you go there please finish reading this post):

    If you're serious about working with me then please ONLY PM me otherwise it will eliminate your chances - it won't rule you out, however, excellent reading comprehension is a must for me . And finally: I prefer people who live in North or South America with perfect English writing and speaking ability because I like to sleep and unfortunately for me I only speak English. I won't totally rule out other countries because I'm speaking to two or three people from India and Europe who have offshore offices in the states and that means I can 1099 them. But really, if your hours conflict with mine I'm sorry but I can't choose you, really sorry about that. I wish every candidate, those I'm currently in talks with and anyone new the best of luck and the same goes to anybody reading. Please share this post with anyone you know who might be looking for something like this. Thanks. :grouphug:
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    Post the whole thread here please.