Need help making a webpage window with fixed attributes

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    Hey everyone i need a little assistance in this task. ive googled the method where js is used in the link itself to determine how the window will be opened. the issue is the place where i can posta link only allows the basic href tag no js allowed. So i tried a php redirect and tried using js to open a window but im presented with the popup blocking issue. what i need is a link that opens the _blank page with the defined attribute such as no scrollbar, fixed width height, resize=no, no menubar basically a small window where all they can do is hit the X to close the window or my close this window link. I want to display some photos for an ad in this window but i dont need them seeing some external site just the photos. I can do the rest its just this code for browser attributes is not working for me.

    Any help or link to some code would be awesome.

    Thanx in advance