Need Help - Looking For A Url Shortener With Search Function.

Discussion in 'PHP & Perl' started by finerpleasures, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    I need your assistance, i am looking for a URL shorterner that also has a search function. Please, has any one come across any of such scripts.

    I searched the net but i cant seem to figure it out. However, i came across a site with a few shorteners.

    Is there a way to modify it. So, that a user may reach a page with a search bar. Where he could search for a link/file/website and be redirected to the site via the short url.

    What i really need is to be able to load links into a page or script and have a user use a simple search bar to find the link and then click it to be redirected. The most important element here is the " search function ".

    Thanks for your time - i am confident, that you will help.:eek:
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    May 20, 2012
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    Well not sure if such exists. However I've been developing my own url shortner(obviously it's not ready yet) and I've crammed in a lot of functions some of which are not offered by any shortner. So my main question is-what would be the purpose of that function? And how to search for links-withing the once you personally shortened or all shoretened links by all the users?
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    I actually created a URL shortener that spiders/indexes any URL that gets shortened and makes it searchable, also it uses traffic stats from the shortening service to rank it's search results. It's quite unique though and nothing else exists that does this that I know of.

    Unfortunately I can't share my code, but if you're interested in the project I can send you a link.

    If you are somewhat technically inclined it's relatively straightforward to hack it up yourself with a little work. I used an open source PHP search engine called sphider and the URL shortener I used was Yourls which is also open source. They were both modified pretty heavily for my requirements, but as a core they work for what you're trying to do. Beyond that I just skinned it with a nice minimal bootstrap/jquery design and interface. You will just have to setup a cron job for the spidering and indexing stuff, based on whatever your requirements are and possibly modify the search engine queries depending on what exactly you're looking to do.