Need help locating thread/section that has a BAD virus ....

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ErgoProxE, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I downloaded a file, but I am not sure, yet where in the SEO section I got it from, I'll find it. Anyway, no more than 20 minutes after I downloaded it, even after scanning it, my PC started to go crazy. I can't even get my task bar to stay visible unless I want it to continuously disappear and reappear.

    Now my computer gets babied, scan several times per day, keep it clean as a whistle. Which is what makes me believe this file is the culprit. I will find the location of it if I can, but thought perhaps someone here, perhaps a MOD would know how to locate the place where its posted. I know this file contains the virus, as I stated, I had not downloaded ANYTHING before this was downloaded. And yes, I probably should have been more careful. But as I said, I did scan it before opening. I guess what I used wasnt good enough to find anything on it. Running Windows XP. I am trying to find a way to upgrade to Windows 7, perhaps then I can save everything. But the laptop I am on is acting up now, its an older laptop. Cant get the DVD drive to function properly.

    Now I am screwed. As soon as I start up my PC, it goes into chkdisk mode and starts to scan, then it shuts down my pc.Does anyone know how to disable chkdsk in maybe BIOS? I NEED to get into Windows, or I am screwed. It has ALL my work on it, everything. :(

    Also, before my PC decided it did not want to boot up, the task bar would flash off and on, constantly.

    Apparently I cannot post a link unless I pay.

    Wtf, I can't even post the NAME of the file, because it has a name that looks like it would go to a website, when it doesnt. Can a MOD PM me as soon as they see this, or anyone who can post the message for me?? It's very important. Again, I tried contacting MODS, sent messages yesterday, but I get no replies.

    Again, I know this isnt much help unless I know the location of the thread its linked in, but I will find it. I am really desperate here, please someone help me out. I know this isnt the place for it, but thought perhaps since theres potential it could happen to someone else. Oh, and I am pretty sure the thread its located at had no replies. And the person who posted the links, had many posts and was here for a while. I think perhaps there were many links that linked to "free articles".

    EDIT* Will someone who can post links PM me?? I need someone to post the link to the file, so someone can help me find it. I am not allowed to post links. Thank you.