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    Hey BHW friends,
    So I was here in this forum for long time now and it really helped me when I needed it and now i'm looking for something new.
    After almost a year I left my online money journey i'm looking for coming back big time :)
    I was able to make some money out of facebook adult accounts where I share my link and on every registration I get payed.
    Well, I left it and learned how to build websites. I'm not an expert but I can make good looking landing page or even a whole site.
    I really want to make money out of it and I even prefer the adult niche, thought on selling picture packs but I let that idea go.
    Can anyone please help me on what to do? I really want to succeed in this adult niche but anything else is also good.
    I know about adsense but I have no idea on what kind of site to build...

    Any idea will help me a lot!
    Thanks guys!
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    You should start reading all the successful journeys (and those unsuccessful too) in the field that you like.

    BHW is a online community but you should see it as a self service entirely-free store: You enter, pick whatever you want, and if you have a precise & specific question you ask.
    What you're doing is like asking the other customer to pick stuff for you and putting them in your hands.
    People tend to me pissed off (me included) by broad question when really everything you need is under your nose.

    Good luck researching. It's the very first step of anyone successful.