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Need help decrypting URLs

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by seojumper, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. seojumper

    seojumper Regular Member

    Jan 13, 2008
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    I have stumbled on unsolvable problem for me. My employer set me a task to decrypt URLs from a website.
    This is sample URL: http://hiderefer.org/?http://www.ce...7av-core-2-duo-24-4gb-320gb-dvd-dl-hd-3430-17. The links to the stores (with logos) under product are the ones that are encrypted.

    When I click on the encrypted URL, I get redirected to affiliate site. The deeplink of the affiliate site (page) is encrypted in
    original URL as "deeplink". I would like to extract this target URL from original, encrypted URL.

    Till now I figured out these details:
    The encyription starts after "deeplink=".
    It seems that encryption is probably some form of Base64 + something.
    All encrypted links start with the same string, also the strings on the links to the same domain are the same for more characters in a row.
    It seems that encrypted strings start with the "www." (except the one that links to IP).

    I have also attached an CVS of encrypted and target URLS.

    Please help!

    Sample links
    http://www.ceneje.si/deeplink.aspx?countryCode=SI&source=aodl&deeplink=EedddScUqyqKp8YMWpQELKQv/R4LeFOqHii+zhyNQWi0ZME8mbxnhvKqWnVkTgJlCAjxcco5WN5B/DweImFJrQ==&idArtikla=625054&idTrgovine=51&pos=0&cena=btnx4VKj/dw=&rating=4%2c18&zaloga=V+dobavi&zadnja_osvezitev=1.7.2009 1:31:13&mesto_z_okolico=LJ%2c+ZI&mail_icon_active=True	
    http://www.ceneje.si/deeplink.aspx?countryCode=SI&source=aodl&deeplink=EedddScUqyr4tX2wFDlII0qnlrAIEA3pOQ0hVTXvOAwbFL2YpA8KhH8tzFZ+TSoqxEzBxKdQMTdxlSBiW5H5aw==&idArtikla=625054&idTrgovine=471&pos=0&cena=oYEDZ40o6r8=&rating=4%2c17&zaloga=&zadnja_osvezitev=17.8.2009 2:28:01&mesto_z_okolico=SG&mail_icon_active=True	
    http://www.ceneje.si/deeplink.aspx?countryCode=SI&source=aodl&deeplink=EedddScUqyoOUleVpLvvIJSXS273iSErr0H6+xJB336Tlt5wuK1tvq/TiKYN5CO0kYdTKTRea6M=&idArtikla=625054&idTrgovine=260&pos=0&cena=1NLhZC6dFGQ=&rating=3%2c23&zaloga=Na+zalogi&zadnja_osvezitev=17.8.2009 1:46:57&mesto_z_okolico=CE&mail_icon_active=True	

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