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Discussion in 'Programming' started by pr6147, Aug 29, 2016.

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    automatic script needed to complete surveys in website. survey links will be added to my favourites in the tool bar.
    can some one help me create a program so that once program is run it should be able to click on those links and copy my login details from an excel sheet.

    i have 15 logins of mine and my friends.

    the script/program should login to each account complete the survey and then logout and then login to next account and so on.
    the survey will be multiple choice based so any answer can be selected out of the given choices.
    I will provide you with the website details for the surveys if any one ready to do this project.
    I did try it with an automated script like macro recorder and it worked but was too complicated so wanted a simple program.

    Willing to pay 100$ by paypal or amazon gc if anyone helps me out

    thanks a lot
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    What's the website?