Need Help Converting CPA and CPL offers

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by korprit, May 22, 2012.

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    long time lurker, been visiting and reading this forum for a few years now. and have only recently found myself in a place where the search function is not delivering the information/help i need.

    my situation: thanks to penguin, i have a site that popped up from #5 to #1 for a fairly spammy phrase. (think payday, pharma, etc) The site now gets ~50 uniques/day for a VERY targeted phrase (ie. cheap viagra, or pills that stop allergies). however, i have found that replacing adsense ads with CPA ads, results in 0$ over a 10 day test. I've since tried MANY methods to try and convert, including:

    1) multiple offer reviews
    2) squeeze page
    3) a big fat button ad as the only page content

    Each has taken several days of observation and resulted in more CTRs, but still no conversions. each experiment results in no money as i remove the only proven money maker (adsense), at about 20$/day

    my question to all those CPA monsters out there, what is an effective method for converting organic targeted traffic?! simple blog layout/post with a subtle call to action? i'd hate to resort to pop under ads, but i'm beginning to lean that way

    hoping to capitalize on the opportunity before penguin 2.0 ups and wipes my positioning off the map :)