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    TLDR; Then read below hyphenated line.

    Hey guys,
    I just graduated with B.S. in Computer Science in the U.S. (UC San Diego ftw!) and am working in industry as a Software Engineer. I've been a lurker on this site off and on for about a decade. This is a longer than typical post because I am serious about this and am looking for serious advice. I've proofread an edited this about 4 times so far. Will be highly grateful for the input of experienced people on this forum.
    Driven as hell to work my ass off and live cheap as f*** to pay off loan debt with day job so I can quit corporate and generate my own value ASAP. By ASAP I mean about two years, the amount of time I think it would take to pay off most of my loan debt and get whichever IM path I choose into full-gear to live off of.
    Ideally looking to generate around $100/day at least in this time period (though if it takes me 3 or 4 years, so be it, if it takes one year, then holy fuckin' yes. Willing to invest $$ to speed up process) with about 20/hr time investment a week.
    Goal is to "work" 60hrs a week, where 20hrs devoted to maintaining passive income while the other 40hrs is spent innovating on and learning about technologies I am passionate about. (which will align with my purpose, sense of fulfillment and diversify my income in long term).

    I've spent around 6 hours the past two days reading about various IM money making options.
    Most of the knowledge I have of these options came from Right now I'm leaning toward site flipping. I believe my programming/web dev/design skills will be very helpful for flipping sites. Though there are other money making strategies I have been considering like drop-shipping.
    Now that I am ready to execute in the world of IM I am not sure what path I should take, there are sooo many options. I could specialize in CPA, Site Flipping, SEO, Dropshipping etc... To me it seems site flipping uses a lot of the IM skill-set.

    Here what I see for my criteria success in IM:
    1) Time and location independent work
    2) Small team required (one-man-band preferred)
    3) Very probable to maintain revenue streams long term with 20/hr week time investment
    4) Very probable to start making around $100/day in about two years with proper guidance
    5) Needs programming skill, allows me to experiment with things like machine learning/data scraping/web crawling/big data/predictive analytics (I'm a bit of a statistics and probability nerd)
    6) Mostly white hat

    What I don't know is, of the myriad of paths in the IM world, which one should I embark on? what path would best position me for the above success criteria? Where should I start? Am I correct in my speculation that site-flipping is the way to go? If so, the world of site flipping has a ton of specialized paths in its own respect. Where should I start there?

    The advice I get here could determine what I choose to spend my time learning and practicing on for the next several years. As said by some successful members of this forum, it is in our best interests to pick something specific, stick with it and improve on it. Currently don't know where to start drilling down on what would work best for me long term.
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