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    One of my clients has forwarded an email from someone claiming to own an EMD domain of their primary keyword. I have noticed this site while doing SEO for my client, and it appears to be a "feeder" of some sort to one of their competitors. At first look, this seems to be a highly desirable site, but I see some warning signals and have some questions.

    First, the "whois" of the domain is not the company of the person claiming to have it for sale. He may be an "authorized representative", but it's also possible that it's some kind of scam. I wonder how I might know in advance that I'm actually talking to someone that has full control of the domain, and is authorized to sell it, etc...

    Second, the price seems too low. In light of the recent algorithm change, I wonder if it's been penalized in some way, and that has prompted the offer to sell it. It has very few backlinks, is PR0, but has about 5 years domain age. But the EMD is exact 5-word keyword, Semrush stats = 590, 553, 0.96, with another 300 in volume for kw variations.

    I've made initial email contact, and am inclined to ask for some evidence that the seller actually owns the domain, and if so how I might safely purchase it. The asking price is something I can afford, but in general it seems you always offer less than what they are asking, but I don't know if that "etiquette" applies here. Also, opinions on what it might be worth, based on the information I've provided, would also be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    My client will probably ignore me even if I recommend they buy it, no matter what the price is. They see results, but still do not "get it". In case anyone is curious about the ethics, I might buy it on their behalf, sell it to them later if they change their mind, set-up my own ad-sense site, or if the relationship deteriorates at some point in the future, I might use it with and for one of their competitors. In case anyone is wondering if I am "buying it out from under them". I am aware of the ethics involved. My primary concern at this point is that it falls into the hands of one of their competitors.
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