Need help automating this link code setup

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    I use a tool that takes a list of urls in one box, then takes whatever anchor text you want matched to it in another box and creates html anchor text setup by pushing a single button. It's great and works great for whatever sites I am posting regular html style anchor text.

    The problem comes in with some other sites like wiki type or other blog type sites that use different code that can't be quick fixed with a few find/replaces.


    I have about 70 different blog urls that I want to hit with a second tier of another type of platform blog posts. The first part was quick with a few find/replaces for the enclosing link code, but this specific setup needs something I've never seen before in link setups

    This is the part I am vexed by

    href="" href="">Anchor text</a>

    For some weird reason these blogs need the secondary href="" right after the first one. F'ing annoying and if I have dozens or hundreds of blog urls that are different to spin thru, I have to copy paste that after each one manually.

    It took forever and is in no way practical or efficient.

    No prob for single url/anchor text setups, but for doing second tiers on many different urls to spin thru...HELP!

    Can this be automated with imacro or or notepad++ or some other tool?