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    I am not in US.How can i make moeny in Ehow.someone know? Please give me advise.Thank you!
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    I believe Ehow just opened up a UK site. I write for Ehow and they have recently put up a new site message. The URL is I do not know if the new site is fully functioning or not but you can try.
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    i've read some ehow articles but not sure how you make your money. i never noticed any links at the bottom. how are you paid when you submit to them? thanks.
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    Ehow does not reveal exactly how you get paid. Its some type of revshare type system. You can ask but I already tried. There is no real consistency. I have several articles on ehow and one that has about 2000 views has made me about $11 which is really really good, but another that has about 3500 views has made me like $2 which is not so hot. So its pretty inconsistent. Im sure it has to do with clicking the ads though.

    The UK ehow does not pay their clients yet. You can write for them but they have not ironed out any kind of rev share program yet.

    Don't use this as your primary source of income, just use it as somethign to do with unsued articles. I post articles there, then use those articles to submit to other article directory sites. I make about $100 a month with about 70 articles right now. Not much but more than if I did not submit them.
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    I think what eHow does is take the value of the keywords you use into account, and the CTR on the AdSense Ads.

    For instance, how-to's about Clickbank can make around 3-ish dollars a month from just 50-ish visitors, while a how-to about lock picking might need 5 times that many views in order to get the same amount of money.

    The only thing that sucks is that most of the editors don't want people directly aiming at keywords, and they only want one article about the same thing.

    Even though "How To Make Money Online using Affiliate Marketing" was available, and I wrote like the best article ever for it, they denied it (probably because its on eHow too many times) but also blacklisted the title so I can't re-submit another article with the same title (not sure if anyone else can either).

    BTW: The only links you are allowed go in the "References" and "Resources" boxes. They are all NoFollow links meaning Google won't index them.

    In conclusion: Writing for eHow is an extremely large waste of your time, and I'm surprised anyone writes for them at all. And it's too bad, because most articles would only need to be like 200 words.

    HINT: There's a reason they named this section "Associated Content and Writing Articles"
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    The trick for eHow is to get together about 10 articles in the same niche. Repeat. At the bottom of your eHow put 3 to 5 of those article links. Then on the related articles (just before your reference area one) manually type in the exact name of titles you already have posted. This will then give you free advertising for up to 10 articles PER article you write.

    Use evergreen articles.

    Use your keyword phrase or its variation only 1 time per step.

    Put your keyword phrase or its variation in the introduction/overview in the first sentence and once more. Make certain the intro/overview is a minimum of 75 words.

    Make ONE comment once an hour, when you're online. Go to the home page, what's happening now. Choose someone from there that has recently commented. Most likely they will reciprocate comment and maybe click an ad as well.

    Start each step with an action and only do how-to's on things that aren't common sense. This will keep your articles from getting flagged.

    I experimented. Not commenting reduced my overall monthly earnings. Commenting is free advertising in 3 places per comment.

    I also tried a month of commenting but NOT submitting. Submit at least 1 article weekly to keep the earnings more consistent.

    I took the number of articles submitted, my total earnings so far.. I'm averaging almost DOUBLE what I earn per article on A*C. eHow takes about 6 months to build up. It's not instant money.

    If you promote your articles all the better.

    Check your articles and make certain at least 95% of the ads match the keyword phrase. People will be more likely to click the ad then for more info or to buy a product.

    Work you A*C like you normally do. Submit one article daily on eHow as a side investment until it's bringing in the revenue you want monthly. Then if you want, switch to 50/50 on your time. ;)
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