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    So I've just started my journey in making money with adsense creating adsense site. I have my target on how many site I should have by the end of the year that at least make $1 a day.

    Now the problem I am facing is backlinking to rank in SE. I am doing blog commenting and EVO II blast for my adsense site.

    This is my first time doing blog commenting that's why it is still kinda hard for me. I have noticed some things about blog commenting that I want to have clarification from those who have experienced with it. Clarifying this things will help me a lot.

    1. most of blogs don't allow your name to be your keyword.

    2. most of blogs don't allow subpages in the URL just the main site.

    3. The most time consuming work in my blog commenting is finding blogs were I can leave my links. Would you advice me to get scrapebox?

    4. Are there anyone here successful to rank adsense site in SE using blog commenting on auto approved high PR blogs. If yes how long are you there in the first page of google?

    I am still a newbie in IM but I am making my way to have a decent income online. That's why I'm seeking for any help or advice I can get.

    Thanks in advance for those who would leave a piece of advice or help in my thread.