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Need Guidelines To Rank on Google Front Page

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mondmond88, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. mondmond88

    mondmond88 BANNED BANNED

    Apr 12, 2009
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    I'm a little confused by few softwares which is senuke and market samurai.
    Let's say we want to rank for a niche called "keyword"

    Using google search, searching keyword gives me bout 3M of searches
    Searching "keyword" give me bout 20 000 searches
    and searching for allintitle:keyword give me bout 5 000 searches

    Using market samurai, it will tell me that i'll have 95 daily searches for that keyword, and SEO traffic of bout 39 daily. Not a very high amount according to Market samurai, so it's great

    Using Senuke, if i use the allintitle feature, it tells me not to waste my time

    Assume that no authority page for that keyword

    So Actually what is the proper guidelines in order for us to know whether would we be able to rank for that particular niche?