Need Guidance - Keyword Insight, Help Before I Take The Leap!!!

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    Hi all, very new at all of this. Been studying for the last year though so I plan on FINALLY giving it a go. I hate my job, so I hope by Winter I can quit it because of these sites! I can hope right! :p

    looking for love partner for some insight, plan on going after these 3 sites. Need to know if they are all worth the effort or are even achievable in your opinions.

    All searches are exact daily searches. Exact domain is unavailable for all three.

    Pretty much I need to know if any of these are not achievable. How long would it take to reach page one for these niches? I plan on using adsense for all the sites.

    So I still cant post images....

    If your willing to take the lil extra effort to copy/paste, you have no idea how much I would appreciate your time and insight, soz for this....

    Thanks so much!

    Niche 1:

    Niche 2:

    Niche 3:

    I seriously could use some insight before I dive even further into this. Thanks so much!
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