Need google to downgrade a blog ranking for a specific keyword

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    Sep 9, 2016
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    Its kind of reverse of what you usually do but let me explain. One of my competitors posted a bad review about my product on a blog comment section. Unfortunately for me that blog is now the second search result on google when people search for my product name. I tested the blog by posting random comments during a month and concluded that there is no real surveillance . my comments were never erased. I can even add htlm coding to the comment section so i was able to add clickable links without problem.

    I would need some help making that particular article where that particular bad comment was be downranked on google. So lets say my product name is Berowz. I tried writing Berowz repeateally on many comments so google would think im trying to actually promote my product but still no result. Page is still ranking high.

    Do you know any trick that would make google think im trying to promote my product name and it will automatically downrank that blogs page?