Need good C++/C/or VB6 coder

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  1. gregoryviale

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    Jul 9, 2010
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    Experience in crypter/stealers and such.
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    Mar 25, 2010
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    I don't remember
    would you mind elaborating a bit, please? Thx!
  3. gregoryviale

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    Jul 9, 2010
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    I would like a fully-undetected cryptor to be made. It primarily needs to be :
    + 100% Fully undetectable (both run time, as well as scan time) to all anti virus applications.
    + Working on all operating systems (64 bit as well as 32 bit).
    + Very user friendly

    Features needed:
    + Login System
    - Smart Login allows the user to have all of his login credentials stored by Galaxy.
    - Automatic login (much like MSN Messenger)
    - Secure, safe login using MD5 encoded user name and password entries

    + Anti Runtime Methods
    - Featuring 14 anti sandboxes and virtual computer detectors, on top of .dll and window's serial detections.
    (See included pictures for the full list)

    + Unlimited Data File Binder
    - Galaxy Offers a built in file binder with plenty of options.
    - Bind unlimited files of any extension together
    - Individually change each bound file's run time attributes including:
    1) Filename
    2) Compression - Compress each bound file up to 30% smaller!
    3) Extraction - Choose between seven different extraction points
    4) Execution - choose between hidden and user-visible execution.
    5) Injection
    6) Encryption

    + Advanced Fake Message System
    - Choose from 90 real windows error messages, or utilize the option to create your own custom message.
    - Choose from over 20 real windows error message titles.
    - Choose between six message options, and five message icons.
    - Determine whether the fake message will play on installation, or on a delayed timer.

    + Icon Changer/Cloner
    - Choose to either clone the icon of your favorite program or use an icon of your own to act as the icon of your final executable package.

    + Stealth Settings
    - Choose from six computer functions all found in common Remote Administration Tools.
    - See pictures for more information*

    + Web Get (Down-loader)
    - Upload any file type to Galaxy, and have it secretly downloaded and (if desired) executed into memory upon each successive run of your application.
    - See Pictures for more information regarding the multiple settings which are included with this feature.

    + Feedback Page
    - Report a bug, detected stub, or any type of feedback here.
    - All information will be directly emailed to me, and will receive a response within 24 hours.

    + Version Information Changer/ Cloner * NEW *
    - This new feature allows you to clone the version information of your favorite executable, or even generate completely random information.
    - Not satisfied with the generated information, simply restore it to its original version.

    + Multiple Compressions * NEW *
    - Galaxy now allows you to compress each file used for an output up to 50% smaller of its original size!

    + Improved Data Pumper * NEW *
    - Add an unlimited amount of bytes to your output file. For example: a 30 Kilobyte file can be increased to become a 300 MB file within a matter of seconds, in an effort to disguise your file as another much like it. This settings does wonders when combined with the icon and version information clone features.

    + Miscellaneous Settings
    - Built in spreader: Galaxy will help you spread your application when you don't have the time!
    - Delayed run-time: Choose when your program will run after it is executed.
    - Does NOT require the adding of a section to bypass Avira! * NEW *
    Almost ALL other HF crypters do. For this reason, crypted file's are nearly the same size when compared to their non-crypted state!
    - Read and patch End Of File data (EOF Data).
    - UAC bypass (Vista)
    - Galaxy automatically generates a random encryption key each time the program is run.
    +any other feature you recommend.

    with it a Unique Stub generator must be made with some or all of the features that i will tell you upon contact.
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    Nov 30, 2009
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    Pretty much looks like you just pasted the features list of an existing product..? Just go buy that one..