Need freelancer: link building plan over 4-5 weeks

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    Hi there.

    Commission Blueprint 2 has a pdf plan for new websites that goes out to 8 weeks and then repeats. They are focusing on a slow and careful linkbuilding process.

    I need a similar link building plan over a period of time. Focus is on varied links with varied anchor text. Also I should mention it's for foreign language sites.

    I will provide the URL. the main keyword, plus 2-3 secondary keywords.
    You will then follow a strategy similar as described below.

    This is not a fixed plan, just an example. I am open to suggestions. E.g. you could suggest an alternative for the ezine articles, since these are foreign language sites and it might be difficult to get good foreign anchor textlinks in english articles. There are many other link building methods not mentioned here. I just need a plan spread over time with focus on diverse link building.

    For the web2.0 articles I usually find relevant content in English and run it through a translator and make sure my keyword/niche is in the translated version.

    I can help a little with the scanning through the translations, but there is a reason I am outsourcing: I have a full-time job at the moment and don't have much time myself.

    I need to find people who can do this for me for a reasonable price, as I have a lot of websites I need to target with this (+20); and most of them are not making any money (yet).

    Please send me your offer together with the basic strategy you suggest. We'll start off with one site, and if things work out, I'll continue with all my other sites (about 20 or so), so there is a possibility for a long term relationship.

    One last thing: I can provide you access to several online link builing tools:
    - Link Farm Evolution (
    - Link Militia (
    - OnlyWire (

    Looking forward hearing from you.

    The basic link building plan - 4-5 Week Plan For Sites:

    About 15 Socialbookmarks per week, spread over various Social Bookmarking Sites.

    25% from main keyword/page using anchor
    12% from secondary keyword/page using anchor
    25% from remaining keywords using anchor
    25% from non optimized anchors like 'click here'
    12% from non anchor text links

    PR Links (any site with PR such as edu, comments, web 20, forums, directories etc...)

    week1: main kw
    week2 secondary kw
    weekk3-week5 main kw, secondary kw, add in a few non optimized for a total of 4 links each week

    Ezine Articles:

    wk1/3/4/5 main kw 1 link w/anchor
    wk2/4 secondary 1 link w/anchor
    wk3-5 rest of keywords 1 link w/anchor also mix in 1 link non anchor (domain url) or non optimized anchors ('click here, my site, etc...')

    SeNuke Blasts - Up to 20 articles and web 2.0 sites with spun content

    Week 1 - Main Keyword
    Week 2 - Secondary Keyword
    Week 3 - Third Keyword
    Week 4 - Remaining Keywords
    Week 5-6 - Main Keyword

    Possibly mix in non anchor and non optimized 'click here' anchors as second or third links on page.

    After Week 4 repeat Weeks 2-4.

    Bump PR links up to 3-4 a week.

    Total links is about 80 per week with this system so by the end of the 4 weeks approximately 300 (did I do the math right?).