Need facebook viral fanpage like script

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    I was looking for a facebook viral fanpage like script. Have been doing my research but there are so many scripts and sales thread everywhere that i found them good at only puzzling the readers.

    I am wiling to pay. reply here or send me a PM if you can suggest one or if you are selling you own script. I will need to see the scrip in action before buying.

    What the script will do:

    1. It will work from within facebook.
    There are some scripts that we need to install on our own servers, but when facebook users like a fanpage from external websites, often facebook warns them that they have shared their account information with third party sites.
    So the script should work from within facebook, if possible from an iFrame welcome page.

    2. Exclusive content will be offered. To get access to the content users will have to click pop up like button. There should be a claerly stated message saying something like that "like and share our sponsor (or one of our sponsors) - Just one click and get your content/ video/ ebook"

    3. The script will then also post message on the facebook users wall and a number (number modifiable) of his/ her friends wall.

    4. The script will then mail a number of friends (number modifiable) or friends who are online and share the content they have liked.

    5. No way we will be forcing the users in liking a fanapge. But it will be their choice if they will like and share the sponsored page to get the content or they will leave. So there will be an alternative button somewhere that will say " Not feeling generous (close this) "
    Closing the window wont give them the exclusive content.

    6. in point # 2, it would be a big A+ if the script shows a small thumbnail of the sponsored fanpage, so the users will see which page/pages they are liking.

    Can anyone suggest me if there is a similar script and where to buy it?
    Thanks in advance.