Need expert image designer/caricature person for work. $60+

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    Hello BHW,

    Before you go any further: If you don't have a thread in the market place with reputation, a portfolio for me to view, hundreds of orders completed (potentially optional) then click back. Don't reply, don't pm.


    I am building a website that will need:

    Several banners, a logo, site icons, header, backgrounds for webpages... And I am willing to pay fair for them!

    But for now, let's start with base images.... And a banner. What I mean by base images... is the banner needs to have 6-8 different "stages". I am trying to capture, through your work, progression, desire, and discipline. It's going to be my business and life going forward. You are drawing/creating a fat, slobby man, hammering and chiseling away at a stone block (on a pedestal) until the stone block is essentially a carved statue of arnold schwarzenegger. over time, I want progression of a square block being chiseled, stage by stage until the statue is done, then I want the character to be changing with the statue... Becoming leaner and more muscular... At the end, both the man and statue are mastering the same pose. During the process I would like to see detail like the accumulation of debris on the ground, shading, etc.

    Details below:


    I am starting a fitness website promoting my own fitness products and services. It's called "Sculpt your body" Hence the importance of this sculpting image being great and not silly and simple.

    I want the stone to be carved into this pose:
    30f77d2708d830034b37657073a059ae.jpg - or - maxresdefault.jpg - for another example of the type of pose. Feel free to be creative with it. I just want the image to depict a frontal pose that focuses on the midsection and similar arm-above-head posing to expose the wideness of the back or lats.

    At first I was kind of thinking caveman-esque type style, almost like the "B.C" comics in the newspaper if you've ever seen it. But I don't want it to be simplistic.. I want the image to paint a real picture of me, you, or any other person chiseling at that god damn stone, y'know?
    I am expecting to pay at minimum $60 for just the base images and banner. (I will compensate for anything justifiable. This will be the base image(s) of my company and I want it to be forever.)

    I want the beginning slouch to look something like this, however he will be standing: caveman-carving-wheel-illustration-depicts-large-stone-36118049.jpg
    (however I want the stone/carved statue to be on a pedestal like one of these:
    s-l225.jpg )

    Be creative and love this logo knowing that it will be someones true passion and dream... And it will be viewed by hundreds of thousands and eventually millions. It's no half baked idea, I'm a national competitor shooting for his IFBB Pro card by mid 2016. I want to share my learnings, experience, results, and love with the fitness world... For a price of course. ;)

    I currently sell between 3-7 $5 workout programs for people on instagram a week (have almost 10k followers, real, organic... I am going to buy followlikr I think to grow it, any personal recommendations as to yay or nay?)
    And I have started a youtube channel growing very fast. If your work proves to be superior, I will work with you and only you for what will end up being a few hundred bucks in designs... I want you to be paid fair for the banners, headers, logo, business card, etc since it's your image. I'm not going to rip you off by buying your image for $50 or whatever then photoshop it all over stuff. I don't pirate things... I pay people what they are deserved because it's how I want to be treated.

    Here is my current progress appreciating sculpting my body to my idea of perfect... no filter (one just a B&W filter though)

    image1.jpg image2.jpg

    RIP Zyzz <3

    I can't post my email address or anything so just PM me or email me at chad at sculpt-your-body dot com

    ------ I will not reply to anyone who does not post on this thread --------

    Looking forward to doing business! feel free to reply here with any questions. Payment will be paid via paypal.
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