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    Looking for a Facebook coder that can code an application for me that can:

    1. Post a status update on app 'allow'
    2. Get users friends 'online_presence'
    3. Using 'xmpp_login' send a chat message to all online friends

    That is what the app needs to do, nothing more.

    I would also require it to have an admin panel.
    Obviosuly needs to have username:password security.
    and these options:

    1. make new app
    2. copy app
    3. delete app
    4. check all apps if deleted or not
    5. see number of tokens each app has
    6. obviously i need to edit the status update + chat messages it sends, i want to be able to do it throught the admin panel for each app

    I need this coded in a way where it will not use all the resources of my server. I have had this done before and it took down my server whenever I had too many connections because it was not coded well. Therefore I ask that you be experienced in this.

    Open to discuss payment depending on how well it is done and in what time frame.
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    PM'ed you the Fb apps we developed. Kindly have a look. Thanks.
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