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    Hi there,

    We are looking for a software developer who can design (or can modify an already existing) e-reader, or e-viewer. We are not looking for an app, but rather e-reading software that we can embed into our website.

    We are a new e-reading site preparing to launch, and our library of reading material will contain books, short stories, poetry, essays, journalism etc. Subscribing users will have the ability to read material both on our website and on our app (our app by simply accessing the content on our website).

    Google Books e-viewer is a good example of what we are looking for, however, we would prefer that it is not scrollable. We want it to flip pages and be a comfortable read for our users.

    Here a couple of necessities:

    1. It will accept both PDF and ePub formats.

    2. A user can zoom into text, adjust font size and type, and perhaps, adjust reading styling (night reading, sepia, or white background, though, this is not a necessity).

    3. We must be able to track the progress of the material being read. In other words, we must be able to see how much of a book the user has viewed, and it must be able to pick up where the user left off when they re-enter the book (bookmarking).

    4. The software must be able to access the content from our website without downloading it. But in the case that it is downloadable, the software must protect the book from being used in any other place but through our software. Best case scenario, the books are accessed through our site, but are also downloadable (protected) for offline reading. But if they are downloaded, it still must be able to track the readers progress and bookmark.

    5. None of the content can be copied, printed, or otherwise used outside of our software.

    6. The e-reader has a nice look and feel to it. (e.g. nice design, swipe to turn pages etc.) And added bonus would be if a dictionary could be incorporated into it. See Amazon's Kindle reader or the new Oyster app for good examples.

    7. Text within the content can be searchable.

    Please send us your contact information and other projects you have worked on. Also, tell us your estimated price (we would prefer prices to hourly rates) and how quickly you could complete this project. If you've already designed an e-reader that could be modified for our purposes, that would be great too.

    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.