Need DHgate information (Help with newbie)

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    So I'm just about to dive into the world of ebay, but before I do I want to make sure I cover all my bases to avoid getting ripped off.

    I found a product on DHgate I'm interested in, somewhat decent product and I think itll sell well (good newbie starter item)

    now, what i need to know:

    1. I hear DHgate is better than alibaba, but still has a risk of you getting screwed by scammers, how often does this happen? Should i REALLY be worried about it, or should i be as worried about that as i would be with buying something on ebay and never recieving item?

    2. what steps should i take to verify a seller is good and legit? I Hear about contacting his customers when i read around, how do I go about that?

    3. I also heard theres some form of seller audditing or something that will let you view how well that seller is known and how people feel about him...we just refering to his feedback here or what?

    any other tips to avoid getting scammed would be great too, thx broskies, looking forward to a positive report back in a couple weeks :)