Need Consultant: Senukex, Scrapebox, and Atomic Mail Sender

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    I currently have the following programs installed on my desktop- Senukex, Scrapbeox, Atomic Mail Sender. I am using them but not to their full extent. I need someone that is an expert at using these programs and can also help form a strategy to email market and link build to my business directory websites.

    I don't want to waste your time so please do not respond unless you meet the following criteria


    1) Job will be paid by the hour and not by project. I can pay via paypal or some other payment gateway
    2) We will screen share on my desktop and speak verbally on a U.S. landline or Skype
    3) You would need to have fair to good english skills
    4) The calls would need to take place during U.S. business hours
    5) You need to have extensive experience in the software
    6) Fast/reliable Internet connection so the screen share will not be an issue

    If you meet the criteria above please message me and let me know the following:

    1) Your experience in senukex
    2) Your experience with scrapebox
    3) Your experience in general link building
    4) Your experience with atomic mail sender and email marketing using a VPS
    5) What you charge hourly in U.S. dollars

    If you do not have experience in all three that is O.K. but i need to know beforehand