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    I am not sure if I am posting in correct section..but

    I am in need of a particular setup. This setup should be in several main locations of USA. The setup is to have laptops/desktops/servers running remote control software and connected via DSL. They need to be in each major city.

    But my problem is I don?t know how to get them done..Right now the only 2 options I see is renting small offices spaces and installing the DSL lines. However this is not a economical solution and the other is getting hold of hosting persons where they allow dsl . I heard someone that was renting storage lockers to do this but I don't see how they were able to install DSL lines into these locations or even electricity. so.I am back to square..

    Why I need this: I have a data entry firm specialized in filling Insurance forms..for that reason we need huge number of IP addresses..because the leads we get(the person?s data) has to filed through a ip addresses that?s close to his/her location..

    That?s why I need this setup..can anybody help me how can I get this with this setup done...

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    there is dedicated server and virtual dedicated server ,,, as your balance