Need Coding help! referer faking

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    I am looking for someone that can write and provide me with code to reverse engineer the fake referer methods that I have seen throughout the forum. Most will allow you to change your email traffic to show as display/search traffic. I need the opposite end of this as I need to be able to pass off display traffic as being email traffic AKA fake the passed referer to that of an email client. I have had little success in the past with this and ran into some issues with the ip being changed to that of my server rather than the user. I have a very generous budget for the project so please respond asap if you think you may be able to take care of this for me.
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    You can't unless you own the mail website. The reason being because you must force a javascript click on the webpage to change the referrer. Their are other ways such as finding a redirect on the site that uses javascript, some sites have redirects like which you can utilize in this method but this would leave 100% of the referrers the same which is completely not what an email client referrer will look like.

    Why not just blank your referrers or change the referrer to a page that just says Tracking Script or something like that, I have sent 100% of my traffic through these pages on WH/BH/Email/Social/Search campaigns and have never been questioned.