Need Cheap WH to Post Freebies

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    I have a list of 13 Freebie sites. I need to get a freebie listed on these as well as any other high ranked freebie/giveaway sites. If you can give me a better list of first page freebie sites, I am open to that.

    This is a WhiteHat job. Am willing to pay $1 per site where freebie is posted. Sites MUST be G--gle listed sites (first page) otherwise I would just use xrumer ;-)

    I can provide a brief description of the freebie offer, duration of the offer, age restrictions, link to Rules/Terms (the kind of stuff freebie sites want). But I need someone else to submit to these sites and get the freebie listed.

    Will pay when freebie is listed, not for the submission.
    Budget for verified posts/link on Google 'first page' freebie sites: $25 (up to 25 sites with verified listing link)
    Completion deadline: must complete and submit verified links in 7-14 days max!

    Let me know if you are interested in this easy, but repetitive work. I may need to do this every month or so, so quality and results will determine repeat hiring.