Need C# programmer to help me out - Keyword Research software almost finished

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    So here's what I have to offer:

    I coded an application for mass automatic keyword checking. Like for example Market Samurai. Except MS hangs, can't handle thousands of keywords, is badly coded, and not really fully automated. Mine was coded with a million keywords at a time in mind. I am looking for a JV because I can't handle everything by myself and I need a partner (I had one but he's not available anymore so I need a new one). I need to split the workload with somebody so that we finish this thing fast, because the time is right. And I surely can't handle everything by myself once it's released.

    What my app currently does:

    - checks phase results
    - checks intitle results
    - checks the .com, .net, .org availability
    - average cpc
    - local monthly searches (broad,phrase,exact), global monthly searches (broad,phrase,exact)
    - checks the top 10 competition, and for each 10 returns the following:
    -- pagerank
    -- if keyword is present in title/description/url
    -- domain age
    -- backlinks

    All this data is collected from google search/adwords
    And it does all this on auto, you don't have to switch tabs or whatever. The top 10 check also works auto and in bulk
    The application supports proxies (http and socks)
    It's multithreaded
    The data is currently being read and written to a mysql db, because it wasn't supposed to be a desktop app, but sitting on our server with a web interface for clients. To avoid cracking and to provide even more services at a later stage. But now I'm thinking of turning it into a desktop app so we need to port it to sqlite or something. But this is open for debate.. could also stay serverside
    It can also get keyword ideas with a unique method (not scraping adwords), but that module isn't finished yet, eventually we'll add that in too.
    It's coded in C#

    Here's what I need:
    A programmer, somebody good with C# to help me out. You have to know your stuff, cause I'm not gonna teach you.
    I don't need marketers etc. They may come handy at a later stage, but i'm not considering any for now so do not write if you're only looking to market it or something unrelated.
    I need somebody to help me finishing the interface of the app and some core functionality.
    Then once it's released we need to keep updating the app when google changes their search or adwords app.
    You have to be available almost every day, and not just a for a few minutes here and there, but you need to have time to devote to this project.
    Your english should be good. I don't want to waste time trying to understand eachother.

    I do not trust people cause I've been fucked for JVs in the past. So if you're new to this forum your chances of getting in are slim. If I know you that's a big plus or else you need a good BHW reputation or/and status, or people with reputation or/and status vouching for you.

    If you don't know me or trust me I can get some people with high reputation or/and status to vouch for me if you match what I need.

    The plan:
    We develop the application and market it on BHW, WarriorForum and ClickBank for a monthly (probably) plan or a one-off (less likely) payment. We will split profit (the share ratio is open for discussion).

    Edit: Everything goes through sockets (there's no webbrowser in the background) and uses very little resources on the computer where it's run.
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    hey bro please send me the details please......
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    PM me the details as well as your skype also ;)