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    hello i am newbie in keyword research and i want to know more about

    it. I have several question, please answer and give me your reason

    why you answer that.

    1. i have a keyword and research it with market samurai. I have

    checked the seo competition page and i got a keyword with good exact

    searches a month. the bad news is the seo competition page give me a

    several sites
    that have high pagerank (about 4,5,6 and the average PR is about

    4,2). but the good news is the sites in 10 top google page seem not

    optmize their page with good seo. in Ms i see the seo component
    (title, desc, url and head) all almost green (which means there are

    many sites there that dont have match title, desc, url dan head with

    the keyword). So, what do you think ? choose this keyword or leave it


    2. Do you care about SEOC on market samurai or allintitle research in

    google ? or just looking for top 10 in google page 1 ? i see there

    are many people that use allintitle when do keyword research, but

    here on BHW
    many people do not care aboout it and just looking for top 10 ..

    please give me more explanation about it

    3. When i do keyword research and i run out the exact domain name,

    which is the best, add words (like the, my, your), using hypens or

    add some random character in the end of domain name (example :

    bestwiivideogamex) ?

    4. which is better, optimize backlink for the homepage or the post on

    wordpress ?

    just for you info, i want to monetize the site for adsense.
    thank you for answer, i really need the answer from you guys :)