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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by pitbully, Dec 14, 2013.

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    This is less of a JV and more of a way to collaborate ideas to mutually benefit while operating separately on our own. However, if a reputable person has some type of resource they'd like to use, I suppose we could discuss a JV. However, my "piece of the puzzle" is certainly nothing mind blowing, just a clever little twist on a certain traffic source(s), so I'm assuming a JV won't be wanted and/or necessary.

    To get to the point, I have been using an openly available but little known way of "sniping" sales from websites through their affiliate program, however, it is completely legal, legit and does not go against the TOS of the Amazon affiliate program, which is what I need help with. Hardly anybody is using this method because the traffic source involved has recently changed their rules for advertisers and they now allow something that they haven't previously allowed before.

    I've used this method on a few different affiliate programs with success, but I think the big bank will come from utilizing the Amazon affiliate program. I'm looking for people who are actively making a significant amount of money with the Amazon associates program so we can share ideas. I will tell you what I'm doing to snipe sales from customers who were probably going to buy something at that site anyway, but instead I get them to buy through my affiliate link.

    The problem is that Amazon has a unique rule about their program where you can't direct link to their site unless it's from a site or web property you personally own. You tell me how to make an effective landing page/site for my method so I can use it with Amazon, and I tell you what I'm doing to snipe sales. It's that simple.

    Please, I'm only interested in speaking with reputable people who are currently making bank with Amazon and know how to convert visitors to sales specifically with Amazon. Thanks for your time.
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