Need an ORM partner.

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    Hey guys,

    After reading 7878's post last night, i decided to start calling, 15 mins ago to be exact lol, 1st call the owner was selling there business, 2nd call the guy is interested and i got a meeting with him.

    I know off the bat he is interested in the review system which is really what i was trying to sell him.. but he straight away asked about getting the bad review page which is showing 3rd on google for his company name removed..

    My SEO skills etc are not the best, and im a newbie to ORM, in my area im confident in saying im probably the only one doing this method.

    I'd like to be able to go into this meeting and tell him i'd be able to get them removed, or something can be done at least, this is why i need to partner with someone.

    I will need someone who can deliver what they say they can, as i will be the one meeting these guys face to face and need to be confident that you can do it before i tell them so.

    Hit me up if interested.