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    friends this community is famous for helping each other.. i joined bhw 4 year ago.. but my bad luck is i never read this forum.. i started reading this forum 8 month ago.... i invested in forex and i lost everything.. i borrowed money from my friends and family but i lost everything.. i have to pay them more than 30k$... and i have a plan.. maybe everything will be ok if my plan will be successful.. and its my last chance..i want to rank a website...people are asking me to add content on my website but my problem is that its my money site and i do not want more than 3-4 pages on my site. The fact is that this site only has 4 pages. I can create one site in 2nd tier though in which i can add content as much as i want. And for link building i track my competitiors through seospyglass and then save all links in clipboard then transfer them to GSA. And then i just press i want to ask is it possible to collect all the links of my comepetitiors in GSA or shall i have to apply comment links and then social bookmark links? i want to bring my site on top list only in one asian country. I have collected all the links of my competitior but my site is not even on 100th page.i hubly request you to say all my doubts if you find 5 minutes for me. I have nothing to pay you right now but i promise as soon as i achieve sucess i will surely pay you for these precious and valuable minutes.right now i have powersuite software.. gsakontent machine 380 proxies.. bought from bhw
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    It's not really about which software you have. And you need a better moneysite it sounds like.
    Also GSA can probably not post to most of the links you see from your competitors.

    It takes a long time and a good budget to learn SEO and rank websites effectively.
    Sounds like you don't have those, perhaps you can find a real job to pay your debt then get started with SEO after that?

    might be a better solution to you.
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    So you lost all your own money in Forex

    And then you borrowed $30K off your family and friends and lost all their money.

    And now you are asking strangers to invest their time and money with you.

    OK then.
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    OP, somebody that has been a member here for 4 years and makes a thread like that, makes me want to weep.
    My suggestion, spend the next 4 years reading and testing, then you might make some money.