need an answer from site flipping guys

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    Suppose a site makes about x amount eg 600. So is it easy to flip it for 6000 on flippa or some other place. Or it goes for less.
    What i want to know is that, how much of X(earning per month) is a sure thing when someone is flipping a site. I heard 10 times the earning per month. But i want to know from you guys.(the sure thing, if i show evidence of traffic and adsense etc)

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    nobody can answer what a sure multiplier for the monthly income of site you're selling is. A lot of it comes down to your auction copy with proof and all, how sustainable people think the earnings are or if they think they can improve it.
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    Asking how much a site making $600/pm will go for is like asking how much a car costs. There's no "standard multiple" and the 10x monthly revenue talk originates from several years ago, but wasn't (overly) accurate then and is even less accurate now that the market has evolved a bit.

    Let me give you an example:

    Assuming that your $600/pcm site was established last month, is a crappy autoblog that doesn't have any quality content and violates SEs' guidelines and gets the majority of its traffic through you spamming Yahoo Answers with links to the site,
    you'll be lucky to get $1,000 for it.

    On the other hand, if it's an e-commerce business that has been around and showing steady profits for a couple of years, doesn't require much work, gets its traffic from a variety of courses and has good agreements in place with several suppliers, you will easily get $15k+ for it.

    Your best bet is to post some more information about your site in the valuations thread (it's been stickied) and you'll get a better overview of what it may be worth.
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