Need Affiliate Programs that support inbound phone leads!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by thefunkman, Oct 1, 2010.

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    :D I have a large print buy and looking for high paying affiliate programs that are able to track with a dedicated 800# and they must have call center., payday loans, re connect home phone, auto loans, ....things like that. I've been running satellite tv and home alarms in these buys for years(almost 10) and pretty much dominate the papers with 3-4 ads in each paper! lol...It's all good. Just looking for new products/services to offer. It took me 5 years to perfect the media buy. Now I'm ready for the right products/services...Remember they must be able to supply me with toll free numbers and tracking and they must have call center set up to close sales....
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    Looks like this thread didn't get any love. I am looking for similar partners - any help would be appreciated. I have a large set of data with an auto dialer that says "we have special offers for john smith. press 1 if you are john smith, press 2 if not, press 3 to never be called again" then if user pushes one we have a offer path where users listen to a special offer and then press 1 (which triggers a hot transfer to someone or press 2 to skip to next offer.

    I need more offers for this product and have tons of calls avail - all suggests are welcome
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    hit me up

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