Need Affiliate Expertise for Foreign Exchange Expertise

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    Hi, I'm a finance graduate with honors who decided to work at home. I want to work at home to do other study and get to ivy league, then start a firm. I've been trading the past year as experiment to learn the market, temporarily retired to look for other things. I didn't have the desired capital investment then but I do now due to my side business. I want to trade again later with improved knowledge. It's been easy for me to learn and improvise, but the learning from mistakes is most valuable. Every trader will lose. I've made gains and many losses, all of which is learned by experience. At first, I traded by scalping smaller time frames which was a horrible way to approach that. I wish I knew then what I know now. Knowing what not to do is important, as I learned the hard way. Once you know how make trades, the rest of the day is yours off the computer. The reason why I'm not trading right now is to reach other sources of income, which is why I need your expertise..

    After spent $500 on one of the best affiliate courses, I requested a refund 60 days in on the 90 day guarantee. I ran a campaign for 2 niches on BingAds and MediaTraffic which was useless. At the time, I had no conversions thus the campaigns were proper with many clicks received. Had the landing pages, opt-ins, keywords, urls, etc. I even did blackhat emailing which didn't last that long. What bothered me was the fact that newbs were making 5-figures per month from nothing, especially the ones on here sometimes.

    Right now I use TrafficVance running 15 campaigns, stopped the weaker ones, and made one sale $27 for one campaign. Doesn't look like a 5-figure capacity to me. I need someone to guide me to those types of figures, as I would like to see your case studies. We'll be lifelong partners. Just send pm me a skype, and I'll show you exactly what I go through.
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