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Discussion in 'C, C++, C#' started by Sauron is Here, Feb 3, 2012.

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    I want to start making my own bots, my goal will be to make my own bot that can post ads in classified ads websites ? Post automatic, schedule post, captcha autosolving ?

    Where should i start, witch language do i need to learn C, C#, C++ ?
    I know it can be difficult to start from scratch but i'm willing to learn, any good tutorials, programs i need ? I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2010...

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to start so i can make this bot ? :confused:

    Many Thanks,
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    I have heard that this is a good book for programming bots:

    I'm sure you will find it elsewhere if you do not wish to pay!

    You may also want to learn OOP basics before beginning to learn the language, this I found as the hardest concept to overcome, harder than learning the program itself!

    I decided to go down the VB.NET route & around 6/7/8 months later I can now code bots fluently, have masses of functions & classes in place to make my life a lot easier & coding a lot faster. Bear in mind that I did come from a background of PHP, Javascript, HTML & most other web programming languages so it wasn't as if I started learning programming from scratch. You will find that most languages are pretty much the same with changes in certain function names / variable assigning so it's easy to switch between them once you have one under your belt.
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    First you need to start with understanding. Get the idea of creating a bot that automates task out of your mind at first. Learn about HTTP, have open Fiddler while you are browsing the net in general and observe and learn what is happening behind the scenes. Start learning a programming language and learn about object oriented concepts. Once you have the understanding about the workings of the web and how to code, creating a bot can be as simple as joining the dots.

    If you jump in at the deep end without knowing about these things first, you're going to find that you get stuck early on.
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