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Need advices about biz-op

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by yukinara, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. yukinara

    yukinara Junior Member

    May 19, 2009
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    I can become my own biz op advertiser since I know some way to make the offer and run sale to it. But, since new FTC regulation is in place, there are few things I want to ask

    Assume that im totally anonymous, like I never mention any names in that offer, is that safe? for example, no g00gle kit, [email protected] or twitter, just generic money making kit.
    If I actually send something good and make the consumer feel good, will there be any problem later? I know one thing that MOST people won't bother to try it anyway, they just get the ebook and let it lay around in their hard drives anyway
    and, to be safe, I just run that for 2-3 months, then off and make another similar offer, is that ok?