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need Advice

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by zwyxeeel, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. zwyxeeel

    zwyxeeel BANNED BANNED

    Mar 7, 2015
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    Ok so first of, this is a an account that switched niche, im doing whatever i can to make it work again.

    This account is an adult account.

    So, I KNOW the stats suck ass, but like i said, im here to get advice from you guys....


    current stats /day, i just started to botting that one and as u can see I dont have many days "calculated"

    Now, Im posting 1-3 times /day.

    Bot is doing the other things, I comment maybe 5-10 comments MANUALLY / day too..

    How can I increase my stats? Should I follow manually? and pick popular accounts and follow the "recent" follower?

    Help me out guys...

    Edit; The Followliker settings are not hardcore,

    Follow - Daily follow "600- 800" - Delay " 35-45 sec"
    Like - Daily Like "1000-1500 "Delay 20 to 30 sec"
    Unfollow - Daily Unfollow " 500-600 "Delay 40-45 "

    Im just trying to be safe, but can I run harder settings ?? if so what would they be?