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    Heey guys,

    I've got some qeustions about a site of mine which I try to rank again.

    I had a penalty on my previous site since the previous owner built to many bad linkes. Now I copied the site and I found a EMD (I was pretty lucky to find one).

    Anway, can it make a difference ranking the site? I bought the highest package of the Sherlock service here on BHW and all keywords are between 300-3000.
    Except one, it has 27k and is harder then the rest.

    First I thought it wouldn't be a problem but since I also bought some social signals I already indexed 5 pages yesterday but now they're already deindexed (expect one)

    But as I already said I copied the site (even though It was my site) google will probably reconigze the site (even it was penalized it was in place 200 or something, so it was indexed).
    Is this gonna make any difference ranking it? and if yes, What can I do to change it? Changing content would be a problem since it has about 20k words on it.

    Can someone help me with some experience in this? PM me for the URL.

    I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you,

    [email protected]
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    [email protected],

    I would say that since you are already having pages de-indexed that yes, you will have issues getting any kind of exposure for this site in search (at least in Google).

    You mentioned the EMD. That is still a plus however remember that hundreds of factors are used to determine if any given page is appropriate to be served to searchers looking for content similar to yours. Considering your other issues, the EMD is not going to make much of a difference.

    Why was the original site penalized? Was it because of the content? Was the penalty manually applied? If you are already having pages removed from the index and you are using a brand new domain name, there is probably some other issue. If you want to send me the link I will take a look at it.