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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by eqpaisley, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. eqpaisley

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    Oct 16, 2012
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    Not sure this is the right forum but I am hoping for some advice from the BHW gurus. I do some Social Media work for a small TV show. The show is giving away a 7 day trip to the Caribbean (all expenses paid) starting in late September. The business model is thus:

    Caribbean Destination X provides a free stay + airfare in exchange for Y minutes of airtime on TV Show Z. TV Show Z uses the give-away to build brand awareness and drive traffic to whatever portal it choses (in this case, I think they want to beef up their Facebook interactions so the contest would likely be 'Go LIKE our Facebook page and tell us why you love XYZ and you'll be entered to win a free trip to X!!!').

    My part of the project involves creating awareness of the give-away, driving semi-targeted traffic to either the video clips from Caribbean Destination X or to TV Show Z's Facebook page where people will LIKE it and post about how they want to win.

    Fake traffic, fake likes, spam, helps me not at all. Its about using a genuine, free (and pretty cool) give-away to build some brand awareness. The metric of my success in the short term will be Facebook LIKEs but that shouldn't be confused with simply wanting to buy likes (which I can do any time and have no interest in doing).

    Any thoughts on how to promote this kind of thing? How do I convince people its a real, free, give-away (in the age of 'you have already won a free ipad' crap popping up on their facebook page every other day). The contest goes live (on air and viewable online) Sept. 30th so I'm trying to get some ideas in advance.

    Thanks in advance for letting me pick your brains.