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    Hey guys,

    I'm in a sort of dilemma here. I have a few hundred dollars to invest but I really can't make up my mind on what to do; I want to pick something that is sure to make money - I don't want to rely on Google or anything like that, and I don't have enough to truly invest into a good PPC campaign. I want to do offline things, but like I said I can't make up my mind... Here are some options

    1 ) Buy 10-20 different local business .com's (saint charles hotels - and then have my dad sell to the local businesses (hes been a salesman for years and wants to do business with me. However he is unsure about this and thinks that most people will have their own website and won't want it, but I have read a ton about people having good results doing this. BTW I would get the sites to number 1 first. Do you guys think hotels are a decent market or should I go after something like dentists?

    2) Market an SEO service that includes putting the company on facebook and getting them to number 1 for a local search term for a set amount of money, maybe 500-750$ or something? not sure. This one I am iffy about because I don't have much money to put out there in terms of advertising. I could use some money to send out postcards to all the businesses in the area. Found a good thing in the download section that sends the business owners to a squeeze page, they sign up to a form in order to get free SEO tips or something

    3) Advertise my weight loss site. I have a weight loss site with the domain having the state I live in, in the domain name. The people sign up to my aweber list and they get a free copy of a diet ebook I wrote as long as they sign up for a free trial offer to an Acai berry supplement and they provide testimonials (I get 37$ bucks a pop). I already have a few people signed up, but again this is a big risk because advertising costs quite a bit of money and I am not in a position to lose money right now

    Thanks for the help guys, I could really use some guidance here.

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    If you decide to market to local business owners, don't make a squeeze page. They look unprofessional. They also won't sign up to an email list for SEO tips. They know they need to strengthen their internet presence, but unless they're web designers they will not want to do it themselves. Be ready with search marketing statistics and case studies They are interested in how much money they will make with their investment in you, they don't care about the specifics of what you will do.

    If you have proven experience with SEO or social media, scour craigslist for gigs and jobs. I like to search for "twitter" "facebook" "website" "web" "search" and "SEO." If I don't get whois data and follow up with a call, or go into the business after the email, about 1 in 20 will become a client. If you have good credentials, you don't even need a website. If you don't have good credentials, prove yourself by making a blog, getting tons of social media followers, and topping the search engine for something (your name perhaps).

    If you decide to promote your weight loss site, there is a csv file floating around on bhw of about 2k linkedin contacts, a free version of tweetattacks to gain followers, you can sign up to to automatically DM your offer to followers, a guy on fiverr who will get you 1k google buzz followers (he actually got me 1.5k, used him once), and plenty of people willing to mass invite to a facebook page. Tie your twitter to all of those sites and publish useful weight loss advice to your blog, preferably stuff that has already gone viral (Tim Ferriss's blog has some great weight loss content people eat up). Don't just push "acai berries make you skinny," it's one of the most spammed keywords out there. If your email list converts well, you'll make a steady stream of income and build some great lists. Hell, you could even use your site's following to prove yourself to business owners. Contrary to what people trying to sell you things (almost everyone in IM) will say, you do not have to break the bank to break into internet marketing.
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