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    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here so bare with me

    I've built a site that is what I call a "business scraper". The site looks like a legitimate business offering a legitimate service, but all the phone calls and contact submissions are sold as leads to another local company (about $15 per lead). Not a big money making site. On slow months I can make around $100 and busy months about $300. What's got my wheels turning is that I'm getting #1 rankings for the keyword I wanted without any links at all (I'm using a EMD, but site isn't overly optimizing). There are subpages to the website that have related keywords, but they don't rank as well. First page on a few, but not number one.

    So I've decided I'm going to start building a freakin ton of these sites across the US - with unique content and everything. However, I'm wanting to find a way to increase my page authority, domain authority, etc with some quality links on each site. That way the subpages with related keywords rank higher, and there is less chance someone will overtake me - or I get penalized by the G somewhere down the road for having basically no authority on my site whatsoever.

    But since I'm already ranking where I want to on my main KW, I don't want to over do anything to hurt me down the road (too many links). I think what each of my sites will need will be just a handful of quality links on a monthly basis that will steadily increase the page's authority. Anyone have another suggestion?

    Also, I need advice on how to do this within budget. For instance, if I'm doing this on a site that makes $100 in a month, I don't want to spend $75 and only make $25 - know what I mean? There has to be someone who can work with me on a price for doing several sites (maybe 15-30) and it be affordable.

    I should also mention that competition for pretty much all of my keywords are extremely low, and I'm looking for a long term plan here. Not something to help for only a few months.

    Anyone have any advice for me? I need either assurance, advice, guidance, service recommendation, anything...

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