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Need Advice on Network

Discussion in 'CPA' started by avilux, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. avilux

    avilux Power Member

    Nov 23, 2014
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    Hello, I'll be straight up. I have very little experience with CPA. I have a 21K IG account in the luxury niche, and know I could make some serious dough if I have the right CPA offer with the right LP. Does anyone know of a network that has any luxury/money/business/get rich/etc. offers? They need to refer at least $25-30. It can be anything from books to actual products. And I need some network that could actually let me join when I apply. (So it can't be one of the major ones, because I've already tried those. They require at least $5K per month on a CURRENT operation) I don't have any LP ready right now, but I could easily make one once I'd know what the offer would be that I'd have to promote. Or it'd be best if the network had a reliable LP, but for luxury I know there's less of those. My only experience with CPA is with a partner we bring in traffic from a different (but also quite valuable niche) on IG, and with that we've been able to make over a couple hundred dollars on some days. Apart from that, I've made some change with OGmobi but I wouldn't count that as experience. Everyone knows how to do that. I want to only monetize my luxury at the moment with CPA, because anything less than $100 per day and it's not worth my time unfortunately, so selling shoutouts/merch/etc. just won't cut it. Thanks
  2. ibl0x

    ibl0x Junior Member

    Oct 12, 2015
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    Get instapage they have a free 45 day trial(Every LP you do there is already mobile responsive so it's much easier) then just buy a domain from 1and1 the icann promo domain that is available for 0.18$ then just forward the nameservers of instapage to your domain and it will be available in minutes.
    You can make landing page's easy for your niche.

    Here are some things on what you could put on your LP. Make up an landing page in which they could win free jewelry or store credit from any jewelry store and post on ig then profit with OGmobi? It's much better if you have us traffic as they have halloween burst on the network and you can set offers to be completed to unlock to 3 rather than 1.
  3. Wendetta

    Wendetta Regular Member

    May 6, 2010
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    IM World
    Add me to Skype, I can help you out with that probable.