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    So I have a... client that has some very specific needs and I'm looking for advice on what to do with his site.
    First of all, it needs to stay in Wordpress form. Second, he's complaining about the site and more specifically the pictures/gallery/descriptions looking like shit so all of that needs updated. It is not ecommerce it's just a site he would like to display 20-50 pieces of office furniture for the traffic he gets.

    It's early, I'm tired, and just looking for advice to get started with. Any theme you'd recommended or gallery plugin that is better than that. Or even something bigger.
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    you need to drop a real wp template in there.. one that has a gallery built in already, and one that is really easy to customize.. check out the member downloads and look for the wordpress templates... If he's a client then you can prolly buy a theme for 35$ and bill him $350 for it or something, and have the benefit of the programmer's support.
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    IMO, your site is not very attractive, sorry. But I will give my thoughts on how to improve it. :)

    First, I think your client is a seller (of course he is :)) and thus is conscious about what his prospective customer would like to see in his site, especially on the home page. So here is my little advice>>>

    Please use Google to find real top sites in that niche (I used "office furniture" without quotes, for example) and saw a few top sites. The following one got my eyes locked on (I was impressed with that site).
    Didn't see many because I was in middle of some work when I came in BHW and after spending some time here, I wanted to go back to my work. But you can do some more research and find a very good site using G search.

    When you find one that can meet some things that your your client and/or his prospective customer [wants/may like], then research it more. Look at every angle (believe me, it wont take too much time). Then use some of the ideas from those attractive and innovative sites (don't copy those exactly but use the ideas from those). Be more creative (for example, you can change colors to suit the client's logo, you can use a photo from some the many stock-photo sites -- they are not that expensive to use for yourself, but look out for any specific license requirements/details if you are using for a client, or ask your client to buy them for his site, and so on). Ask him to give you pro-quality photos of his products, include some people in the images of the products, or go for stock-images, but his own products are vital...

    think what his customers would be interested in his site...

    Look into niche designs... Try, try, try till you succeed in making it a good site (of course you can revise your fees if you want to for the extra work, fees to pay for the stock-images, etc.), and give a nice site to your client. He will be surely impressed by your work. At least you'll get a great recommendation letter and you make use this site details on your portfolio... so more jobs for you.

    This is a general idea but you get the points :)

    Get the site in the search engines, use SEO, get him some traffic, go geo-specific, put his business on G maps, get him in G places, etc [I can see you have already used that, and may be some more wrt SEO; but these are general ideas so I'm putting these things here]... think about what things out of these he can afford... whatever...

    Customer satisfaction is a great thing, so go for it. GL! :)
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